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Welcome to HollisGOP.org
Home of the Hollis Republican Town Committee

The Hollis Republican Town Committee (HRTC) is a grass-roots organization with a mission to foster Republican values. Chartered through the New Hampshire Republican State Committee (NHGOP) and the Republican National Committee (RNC), the HRTC was founded by Hollis citizens who believe in three major principles; lower taxes, smaller/more effective government, and a strong national defense. We view these principles to be best facilitated through the economic accountability of free enterprise.

These were the views of the founding fathers of the United States of America, and the same ideals that made this country the greatest in the world. Here is your chance to support these values where it matters the most within your local community.

In reaching out to the community the HRTC strives to:
  • Promote communication and friendship between people who associate themselves with general Republican principles.
  • To provide an effective way that information may flow to/from our community. The silent majority must not continue to be silent or many more of our rights and liberties will be taken from us by vocal special interests.
  • To bring our messages out to the larger community in order to accurately communicate Republican positions on the issues of the day.
  • To reach out to bring more members of the community into our organization and make more of the community aware that we are here to promote our values. There are no time commitments or activity requirements. Whether you are an individual seeking solid information on which to form an opinion or you are a potential candidate looking for a local support organization, you are welcome.
  • To develop a group willing to work for the success of our party‚Äôs nominees in general elections.
  • We pledge to be active, accurate and approachable in pursuit of these goals.
  • We believe in preserving and fostering the finest traditions of the Republican Party in Hollis, in New Hampshire and across the nation.

Welcome to the Hollis Republican Town Committee.

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